Grupo Ferrá, a company founded in the XIXth century and specialising in construction and renovation work, has managed to maintain its position at the forefront of its industry.

The experience gathered over the years gives us a solid base of knowledge that allows us to adapt to the latest technologies and to accept new challenges while always maintaining a high level of quality and attention to detail. Our company has become a leader in the construction industry thanks to its unfailing professionalism and the comprehensive advice that we offer to our customers. We believe in continuous improvement. For this reason, forward planning, teamwork, direct and open communication, safety and sustainability form the core of our corporate culture.

Our customers 
are at the heart
of our business

Ferratur and Ferratur Ibiza, the two main companies that currently form Grupo Ferrá, have evolved since their foundation with a clear focus on continuous improvement based on the constant analysis of our customers’ needs and demands and on the incorporation of new technological advances. This has allowed us to provide an integrated quality management system throughout the construction process.

A leader in the construction
industry of the Balearic Islands

Our clear commitment to the continuous improvement of construction processes has enabled us to implement the most rigorous quality standards to the diversification of the Group’s activities. As a result of this expansion, the Group is currently present in the following business areas:


Civil works


Construction Residential buildings and Hotel facilities


Refurbishment and Renovation

Our Added Value:
Total Quality Management

Our long history has been accompanied by the effort to learn and incorporate new working methods in order to continuously improve the quality of processes, construction work and technology. At present, Grupo Ferrá is the first construction company in the Balearic Islands to have incorporated the BIM methodology and techniques into their projects, in what constitutes the latest of the company’s efforts improve our quality and competitiveness.

OUR BRANDS: Ferratur, Ferratur Ibiza y Protech

Three brands, one goal.

Grupo Ferrá comprises three business units: Ferratur, Ferratur Ibiza and Protech. Our services encompass the construction of new buildings, the refurbishment and maintenance of all types of buildings, as well as occupational health and safety management.



We ensure the comprehensive implementation of construction projects for all kinds of residential new buildings, including civil works and hotel facilities. Furthermore, our experience has allowed us to position ourselves as a leader in the high-end residential construction market. We work with the best local and international architects, engineers, technical staff and suppliers, all of whom have found in Ferratur the ideal partner for the execution of projects with the highest standards of quality.


Ferratur Ibiza

We are a company dedicated to construction, especially to the building of single-family and multi-family homes and hotel and restaurant facilities. We provide solutions for our customers’ most demanding projects in Ibiza by applying Grupo Ferrá´s stringent quality standards at all stages, from the development and planning to the execution of all our works.

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We fulfil the needs of construction companies for occupational health and safety management during the construction process. In order to offer our services with the highest possible level of quality, Protech has developed an integrated management, monitoring and control system aimed at ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations, with the goal of ensuring that workers enjoy optimal conditions at construction sites.

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Our team is our greatest asset.

The professionals that form Grupo Ferrá are well known for their great experience, commitment and talent. We strive daily to create a culture of continuous learning that enables our team to stay on top of cutting-edge technology and building techniques, given that our company is fully aware that the added value generated by our team members ensures that we can provide customised services to all our customers.

Fernando Rodríguez
Fernando Rodríguez

Director General

Enrique García
Enrique García

Technical Director

Pau Rigo
Pau Rigo

Jefe de Grupo

Juanjo Mira
Juanjo Mira

Project & Budget Manager

Raquel Carrasco
Raquel Carrasco

Financial Director

Miguel Ángel Isasi
Miguel Ángel Isasi

Protech Manager

Building our history since 1890

Pedro Francisco Ferrá Mir founded the company in 1890, thus giving birth to a family business that has withstood the test of time to become Grupo Ferrá.

Building on the success of the mother company, Construcciones Pedro F. Ferrá Mir, in 1960 the third generation, represented by Pedro Ferrá Tur, took the helm. His goals as the new manager were the diversification and professionalisation of the company. At present, after the incorporation of the fourth generation, the company enjoys a well-earned reputation for quality and technological innovation, both of which are values that we apply to all of our projects. Our business activities comprise the construction of single-family and multi-family residential buildings, landmark buildings, refurbishment, maintenance and renovation work, civil works and hotel facilities, as well as occupational health and safety management relating to construction projects.

Historia 1

In 1890 Pedro Francisco Ferrá Mir incorporated the mother company under the name of Construcciones Pedro F. Ferra Mir. Thus started the history of this family company, which would become a leader within its industry the Balearic Islands, where it is based, with a deeply felt commitment to its customers as well as to its partners and employees.

Historia 2

In 1960, after having thrived under the leadership of two generations of the family, Pedro Ferrà Tur took the helm of the company as a representative of the third generation. From the moment that he took over, his main goals were the professionalisation and diversification of the company by branching into new business areas.

Historia 3

In 2002, building on our well-earned prestige based on quality and technological innovation, our business activities include the construction of single-family and multi-family residential buildings, landmark buildings, refurbishment, maintenance and renovation work, civil works and hotel facilities.

Historia 4

After staying true to our values for more than 125 years, quality assurance, technological improvement, responsible construction, occupational risk prevention, excellence in process management and environmental protection are the legacy that the fourth generation of the family receives in order to steer Grupo Ferrá into the future and face new challenges with confidence.


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